Planned Parenthood Stories: #2


“My first year of college I was no longer being assisted by my mother for medical insurance and therefore I had to be responsible for my own health including my reproductive health. After researching, many resources pointed me to Planned Parenthood to meet my needs. I was a little worried about the quality of care I would receive from a non-profit facility and how much they would actually be able to assist me. After visiting the Planned Parenthood in my town I was amazed! I was able to get estrogen birth control at virtually no cost. They were so compassionate and I knew I was in good hands.  Shortly after I began receiving care my local Planned Parenthood was closed down without any warning to me. I was devastated. I couldn’t help but feeling like my rights were being violated. Since that time I’ve had to drive about 50 miles to the Planned Parenthood in Kansas City and have been receiving care at that location. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me. I’ve gotten birth control, STD testing, a well woman exam, a breast exam, and pregnancy tests all at almost no cost to me. Planned parenthood is the reason I’ve never needed an abortion. Now I’m afraid that women like me who can’t afford to go to a primary care facility are going to be left without any options. “

First Post: Plans

I’m very excited to start this blog and share ideas and thoughts about one of the most important subjects in my own life and around the world. Reproductive justice includes many issues from access to safe reproductive health care to female genital mutilation to involuntary sterilization and more! I would like to start this off, since I’m just getting used to WordPress, with a series of stories I have collected from women about their experiences at planned parenthood and how that has effected their lives. I’ll post news stories and other things along the way. I hope someone gets something out of this somewhere.