Planned Parenthood Story: #3

I used Planned Parenthood in Warrensburg from age 21 to 27. I had insurance, but mine did not cover birth control so that’s why I went there. It was always inexpensive and the staff was friendly. That was in the 80’s! They always answered my questions and if they didn’t know they would find the answer or suggest going to a regular doctor. I’ve been to the Planned Parenthood in Kansas City with my sister when she was in an abusive relationship, got pregnant, and he beat her up pretty bad so she decided to get an abortion. I supported her and so did the nurses there. They told her if she didn’t want to have the baby she could give it up for adoption , but it was her choice. I think Planned Parenthood is a great program especially now.  There needs to be options out there for young ladies to get help with yearly exams, birth control, etc.


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